SEO Optimization

The goal of SEO optimization is to make your website attract as many targeted visitors as possible from the Internet. Professional web design is not enough for your site to be visited, it is important that when users enter a particular keyword into the search box, they find your site among the first in search results.

What is SEO Optimization?

It’s a great game! And like all other games there is a judge and there are also rules of the game. If you respect the rules, then you point. As in any game, the point is to win. Winning means being at the top. The judge is Google, who controls the rules. Also, as well as in another games, there are cheating, but we will come to that.

  • Creating a proper SEO strategy
  • Link Building Service
  • SEO friendly content
  • Analysis of market and competition
  • Be the first for your keyword
  • A detailed report on the impact and results



Why choose Zikma Solutions?

We offer many amenities for a better ranking of your website on the Internet


Detailed analysis of the website

Website analysis includes a technical check of the site, which includes code verification and current ON SITE optimization. At any time you can get a detailed report on the current status of your website.


Competition analysis

We are making for you in-depth analysis of your competition on the Internet, their optimization, promotions, advertising, their advantages and disadvantages. In short - you will find out all about them


SEO consulting services

If you've already met the basic optimization process, but you do not have expert help and advice on improving optimization - we are here for you. Call us for advice!


Video SEO optimization

In video (YouTube, Vine, Vimeo) optimization we have a lot of experience and incredibly good results. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world and therefore YouTube SEO is very important for every business.


Link Building Services

Link building implies the construction of incoming links from relevant sites. The more quality links you have from relevant sites, you will be better ranked.


Full SEO Package

We are ready and able to offer your company all these services in a unified FULL SERVICE SEO package. Contact us for more information.